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Stretch Wrapping Machine
We offer this product to our customers at an affordable price. This stretch wrapping machine is fully automatic & can operate continuously under severe industrial conditions. This kind of setup not only allows it to work as a conventional stretch wrapper but also as a top bander or semi-automatic stretch wrap machine if required.
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Model IP 2100 IP 2400
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 220 / 50 or 440 / 50 AC 220 / 50 or 440 / 50
Power (W) 1300 1300
Max Packing height (mm) 2100 2400
Max Packing weight (Kg) 2000 2000
Diameter of turntable (mm) 1600 1500
Turn Table Motor (HP) 1 1
Turn Table Speed (RPM) 5 ~ 15 (Adjustable) 5-15 (Adjustable)
Electro Magnetic Brake (HP) 1.3 1.3
Film Carriage Motor (HP) ½ ½
Pre Stretch Motor (HP ½ ½
Available film LLDPE film with outside LLDPE Film with outside
  Dia 280 mm, width 500 mm Dia. 280 mm, width 500 mm
Film Thickness (microns) 17~35 17~35
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 2800 x 1600 x 2400 2838 x 1636 x 803
Weight (Kg) 730 850


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